Why do chimneys require renovation?

Poor technical condition of chimney walls or change of fuel are all reasons that may cause a need for chimney repair. If you happen to observe gray-brown spots or cracks on a chimney, both are obvious signs that you must choose to immediately repair your chimney.

On the contrary, if we let these chimney appearance flaws be, they could potentially be a fire hazard and put our life in danger and affect our health.  When changing the fuel or replacing the boiler it is necessary to modify chimney system/installation.  Chimney set-up must be modified to work properly with each individual heating installation.

Chimney damage causes

Low temperature
A variety of factors can speed up a chimney’s deterioration.  The chimney flue, located within your home’s walls is often the element to deteriorate quickest.  The part of the chimney that extends above your roof may also deteriorate faster than other parts.

Mistakes made by the chimney system installation team
Regrettably, errors committed by the team that installs a chimney may speed up your chimney’s deterioration.  One of the most common errors chimney restoration professionals make is utilizing incorrect materials and performing the pointing incorrectly.  This can cause many chimney leaks to form, which can result in rainwater entering the chimney as well as sever dampness.  When a chimney is left this way for a considerable amount of time, one may even observe damp patches within the building itself.

Heating boiler replacement
The replacement of a heating boiler without the proper chimney system adjustment is yet another reason requiring fast chimney renovation. Oil and gas boilers do not operate nonstop and produce quite a bit of flue gas at a lower temperature than solid fuel boilers. What is the meaning of this? Chimney wall damage thanks to inadequate heating by the flue gases. This causes harsh chemical deposits on the walls that result in damage.

Chimney sweeping inspection non-compliance
There are very few people who specifically comply with the recommended frequency of chimney cleaning and chimney sweeps. Appropriate chimney maintenance is essential as well. With constant use, Chimney cleaning should be performed several times a year on chimneys with constant use. Not following this schedule may result in many undiagnosed and unsolved problems.