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Amsterdam Enterprises has happily been your neighborhood masonry contractor for over 38 years. We proudly serve the North Shore, West Suburbs, and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with great expertise, high-quality workmanship, and outstanding dependability. Gerard Stencel, the original owner and still the lead masonry repair professional at Amsterdam Enterprises, has been in the masonry and tuckpointing business since 1982. Gerard started out as a learning masonry contractor and decided to open his own operation that could do so much better than other tuckpointing companies Arlington Heights. Amsterdam Enterprises started out in the garage of his small Mount Prospect home. The official Amsterdam Enterprises headquarters was opened in 1995 and our business has grown ever since with exceptional tuckpointing contractors and masonry restoration experts joining the team.

Tuck Pointing Contractors & Masonry Contractors Arlington Heights
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Our years of experience bringing the highest level of quality masonry repair Arlington Heights and customer focus to the community serves as a testament to the fact that we are the top experts when it comes to masonry and tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights. Our masonry contractors in Arlington Heights can work with all sorts of residential and commercial masonry work. Our expertise ensures that we provide you with the highest quality materials and the most skilled workmanship. But we do not stop at just simple masonry repairs. We also provide outstanding tuckpointing services Arlington Heights that have been perfected over our many years in the business that began in the 1980s. Whether it’s your home, your office building, or a business building, Amsterdam Enterprises has the masonry and tuckpointing contractors that can handle the job right.

Masonry and Tuckpointing Services

With Amsterdam Enterprises, you have the experts in masonry work on your side for residential and commercial projects that can renew your structure’s brickwork. Count on our masonry contractors for the best in masonry restoration and repair in Arlington Heights. Our team also provides exceptional tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights to maintain the integrity of your failing mortar joints.

Tuckpointing Arlington Heights – what is it?

Tuckpointing is an important mortar repair technique for your home’s masonry that can improve the appearance of a brick structure. It is the process of removing and replacing deteriorated, damaged, and missing mortar between brick, block, stone, and other masonry surfaces. Tuckpointing reinforces structures that are less sturdy by sealing the area to prevent water damage and other complications that could occur structurally and internally and creating a more attractive appeal overall.

Tuckpointing Contractors Arlington Heights

Quality work is the most crucial factor in how long something lasts. Our tuckpointing contractors are highly experienced in handling big and small tuckpointing projects in the business. Whether it is residential or commercial tuckpointing, we can provide a long-lasting solution for your brickworks and repairs, brickwork, balcony waterproofing and chimney restoration Arlington Heights. We will assure you that your brick will look and function at its best that is second to none.



Masonry Contractors Arlington Heights

Our Masonry contractors Arlington Heights are committed to providing quality artistry on residential and commercial projects. We use the highest standard of quality tuckpointing, waterproofing, general masonry, and concrete repair Arlington Heights. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients with passionate service and quality products provided by an honest team of skilled, energetic professionals who embrace challenges as opportunities for development and growth. Our contractor has every solution to maintain your home or commercial property.

Masonry Repair & Restoration Arlington Heights

Our team is equipped to handle all kinds of masonry repair and restoration and beyond. Masonry is prone to cracking and chipping. Thus, masonry repairs become necessary over time. Our professional restore masonry Arlington Heights will ensure that the new pieces are period-appropriate. For residential or commercial property, our masonry repair and restoration contractors Arlington Heights will ensure that the building and structure masonry receives the correct treatment and looks good for years to come.

Chimney Repair & Restoration Arlington Heights

If your in a situation where your chimney is falling apart, our chimney repair company in Arlington Heights is here to help you. Our contractors are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide outstanding outcomes to our customers. Aside from repairs, our company also includes chimney restoration and flashing. Our years of experience are proof that we only offer the highest quality of work for our clients. Contact us so that we can get started on your home!

Brickworks & Brick Repair Arlington Heights

Even though one of the significant advantages of masonry construction Arlington Heights is durability, periodic inspection and maintenance are needed to maximize the brickwork in structures. For your brickwork needs, our team is ready to check your residential or commercial bricks for any repairs that needed to be done. Our brick repair contractors Arlington Heights will restore the original order of your bricks to give you a safe, waterproof barrier that will last.

Our Latest Masonry Restoration Arlington Heights Projects


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At Amsterdam Enterprises we are very careful about selecting every professional on our team. We use trade-specific crews so we can handle every project expertly to deliver the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. Our professional team of tuckpointing contractors and masonry restoration experts use the proper tools and ensure that we take care of everything, so you are worry-free. That has been our approach to every project since the 1980s.

There is no job too big or too small for our masonry contractors Arlington Heights, so contact us today to care for your masonry repair. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers by providing only top-quality, dependable service. The steady growth of Amsterdam Enterprises since our experience began in the 80s is attributed to the great flow of customer recommendations year after year.

Expert tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights and unmatched quality are what separate Amsterdam Enterprises from other tuckpointing companies. We’re here to treat you like family and get the job done right. Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to your call.


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Amsterdam Enterprises - Professional Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors Arlington Heights

If looking for a professional masonry restoration expert that is friendly, honest, and helpful, you have found the leader among tuckpointing companies Arlington Heights. Amsterdam Enterprises is your local friendly neighborhood company for masonry contractors. Trust our team to help you with all your masonry work and it will be done with a smile.

Why you should choose Amsterdam Masonry Restoration & Tuckpointing Arlington Heights as your Contractors!

In choosing Amsterdam Enterprises as your masonry restoration and tuckpointing contractors, you are selecting a leader in the industry with many years of experience. Everyone on our team of masonry contractors not only has experience but also has the skills to make any masonry work look easy.

From simple masonry repair to delicate masonry restoration to complex tuckpointing, our masonry contractors use the appropriate skills for each project to bring the best out of your masonry work. In finding the right tuckpointing companies, you only need the best at Amsterdam Enterprises for your masonry repair experts.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Masonry & Tuckpointing Arlington Heights Experts

Questions and concerns may arise during your masonry and tuckpointing projects, and we are here to answer them for you! Our tuckpointing and masonry restoration company in Arlington Heights has proven an outstanding track record of customer satisfaction.

What is tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing a necessary process that involves removing and replacing severely damaged mortar as well as bricks. Our tuckpointing contractors use specialized tools to help ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship is met. By the end of our work, your masonry will be good as new!

How long should the Tuckpointing last?
If everything is effectively fixed, such as leaking or settling problems in the area, tuckpointing should last for years, if not decades.

I need a new chimney, can you help?
In our company, we are also proud to offer chimney restoration and repair for anyone in the Arlington Heights area. Our masonry repair contractors will assess the damage and overall scope of your project and get started on helping your home get the look it deserves.

Are you licensed?
Yes! We understand that our homeowners want a worry-free project, which is why our tuckpointing and masonry company in Arlington Heights is licensed and bonded. We have a track record for success and always work at the highest quality making sure that our customers are delighted with the finished product.


The Difference Between Tuckpointing and Repointing – Contact one of the Best Tuckpointing & Masonry Companies Arlington Heights!

There are many times where tuckpointing and repointing in Arlington Heights are being confused with each other, but they are two very different processes. They both involve adding new mortar to your masonry work; however, there are notable differences.

The basics of Tuckpointing

The filling in of mortar joints with mortar is tuckpointing, unlike repointing, it is not always done for damage control. At most times, tuckpointing can be a purely aesthetic procedure. There are two different colors to fill the mortar joints when it comes to your masonry restoration. One color that matches the brick while the second color is used for the appearance of the mortar joint. By using two different colors, the mortar joints appear thin and fine, rather than thick and noticeable. Our tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights are the ones that you can trust when it comes to renewing your brickworks.

What is repointing?

Repointing is the process that involves the process of masonry repair. When it comes to repointing, damaged, cracked, or crumbling mortar joints are dug out and refilled with new mortar. This is a significant factor when it comes to masonry restoration, as the structural integrity of any masonry relies on the mortar. If you have a repointing as soon as possible, potential problems are spotted that can help prevent collapse or expensive repairs down the line. Make sure to contact one of the best tuckpointing & repointing companies in the Arlington Heights area. Prevention is the key!


Masonry & Tuckpointing Restoration 101
Professional Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors Arlington Heights

Tuckpointing or masonry restoration refers to any work done concerning masonry or any established property structure whether residential or commercial. It can vary from minor masonry repairs for a small house to a major tuckpointing restoration for an old building.

When we talk about masonry restoration in Arlington Heights, this includes repointing, which is one of the most important aspects of masonry work. However, there are other processes involved in tuckpointing. For this section, we will be talking about masonry restoration.

Masonry restoration is the process of fixing masonry and bringing it back to a solid state. This involves repointing, which is the process of removing and replacing the mortar in the joints. Masonry restoration is typically done only once for the entire lifespan of a building. However, if applied carefully and properly, most structures can do without this.

Our company has been providing excellent masonry work around Arlington Heights since 1980. Our expert masonry contractors also perform chimney restoration, chimney flashing, and chimney repair. For great masonry quality, try our services.

Everything You Should Know About Brick Work
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Can I Perform Tuckpointing By Myself?
When it comes to tuckpointing in Arlington Heights, you want to hire a professional crew to perform the work for you. Tuckpointing requires keen attention to detail and precise skills. It consists of labor-intensive methods that only expert tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights can perform. If you want impressive results done, hiring seasoned contractors is the way to go. They can build stable, strong, and durable mortar joints that will set a good pillar for your structure.

What Causes Mortar Joints To Fail?
Mortar joints fail due to various causes. It may be that the previous masonry contractors you hired in Arlington Heights did sloppy work. It could be erosion due to extreme temperature and moisture. It could also be pressure from overweight bricks. Bricks last around 25 to 30 years. Once your property is beyond this point, you should start searching for “tuckpointing near me Arlington Heights” for professional contractors to look into your property. They may perform a masonry restoration or masonry repair, whichever is necessary.

Why Is Brick Maintenance Essential?
Over time, the mortar used to fill joints withers. This weakened the bricks used on exterior walls, fireplaces, and chimneys. At this point, you will need to look into the tuckpointing companies present in Arlington Heights to maintain your masonry in excellent condition. Our contractors can be trusted with any type of masonry work around Arlington Heights, so you can be confident your property will be in great, professional hands. Consult us today!

Signs your bricks are starting to deteriorate and the importance in taking action!
Amsterdam Enterprises Masonry & Tuckpointing Experts Arlington Heights

The time and maintenance you give to your property are key to maintaining its efficiency. Our goal is to be your ally and offer you the best masonry service in Arlington Heights.
Even though bricks are extremely durable and timeless, they will eventually deteriorate. Regular maintenance and frequent inspection can help you prevent any brick damage that can be repaired easily if noticed on time.  Once left unnoticed and in disrepair, it could potentially lead to a collapse.
If you have a brick structure on your property, or if your home is built out of bricks, simply take a look at some of the following signs or conditions and if you notice any of them, call our masonry contractors at Arlington Heights.

Brick Exposure 
Exposure to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, causes faster deterioration. Also, the amount of water or frost that your bricks are exposed to can also bring changes to the structure and how well it settles or shifts over time.

Crumbling bricks
Crumbling bricks are caused by various reasons. If your property has poor drainage and your brickwork or mortar is in contact with the ground or splashing water, the mortar between the bricks loses its adhesive properties over time, turning crumbly and sandy.

It’s a white or greyish tint that consists of salt deposits left behind when water evaporates. It can lead to potential moisture problems that can cause structural damage to building materials.

Missing Mortar joints
Regular inspection will help you notice any missing mortar or cracks. Our experts can easily fix this problem.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your bricks fixed. All of our professionals are fully trained and have years of experience. They are specialists in brickwork, repairs, and restoration. Feel free to ask any questions about the support you may need from our team. Were the best masonry contractors in Arlington Heights. Our quality craftsmanship and service speak for themselves. Do not hesitate to contact us if you see any of these issues.