Is it possible to restore the color of faded brick exteriors?

Beyond their aesthetic contribution to the building and their energy efficiency, and although they require virtually no maintenance, they are not immune to the passage of time and the weather. As a consequence of the prolonged exposure to rain, sunlight, and dirt, the color of the brickwork starts fading. There are some options of masonry work designed for restoring the color of faded brick exteriors. Below you can find some examples.

Soft Cleansing

A gentle power wash will suffice to eliminate dust and dirt from the exterior bricks. In those cases of persistent stains, a mason can scrub the discoloration off with a stiff brush and soap before finally cleaning them with water. Nevertheless, in those cases of starkly faded or stained brickwork, the best option is to seek specialized brick cleaning masonry contractors.

Professional Sealer Application

A sealer may also be an option to restore the original brick red color. This is work that needs to be done by a professional and that requires professional-grade pneumatic spray equipment to ensure efficient, even, and expedient sealing work. Depending on the sealant, the job may require just one layer or multiple coats.

Address Underlying Issues

In many cases, the loss of the original color may be the consequence of serious underlying problems like efflorescence, which is a white, salty substance that forms on brick walls. When you have a situation like this, you need to rely on a professional masonry restoration service. Firstly, and before applying any clear coat or brick paint, the source of moisture that causes the efflorescence, has to be addressed.


Tuckpointing work is also an option to restore the original color to your exterior bricks with excellent results. The work consists mainly in removing parts of the faded mortar and replacing them with new mortar, plus putty in contrasting colors along the joints. The outcome will show clean and beautiful narrow and well-maintained joints.
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