Traditional or Modern Masonry Stove Design – Which one is better?

Everyone wants to spend as much time outside as they can during great weather and that includes preparing meals. While the majority of households have a portable gas grill for a quick burger or steak, sometimes that’s just not enough to fully appreciate outdoor living or entertaining. A dream outdoor kitchen can turn an outdoor entertainment space into an extended living area. Your ideal masonry stove design will serve as the focal point of any outdoor kitchen. Your choice between a traditional or modern design will have a significant influence on your outdoor living area in terms of style. Let’s have a look at the differences in these two types of masonry stove options.

Traditional Masonry Stoves

For brick and stone wood fired stoves, masonry work and workmanship has evolved over centuries. They have perfected the art to direct fire to facilitate effective and manageable cooking options. When describing a perfect outdoor kitchen, it’s the subject of direct or indirect heat that needs discussing.

A three-sided brick construction with a cast iron cooking grate over fire can serve as a direct heat stove. With this type of stove, you can cook delicious dishes like clam boils or steaks for example. For baked goods however, you will have a hard time with a direct heat setup. Potatoes, or corn-on-the-cob, for instance, could be difficult to cook over a direct fire. Pies would be extremely difficult to perfect. That means that if you want to be able to bake outdoors, you’ll need to consider installing an oven.

Fireplaces with ovens are typical in Old Colonial New England kitchens, if you have ever seen one of these. The designs of today can make use of the same methods for producing constant, but indirect heat. This is ideal for both baking and direct-fire cooking. The pilgrims were adept at preparing a delectable Thanksgiving meal that included turkey, vegetables and even baked pastries. With outdoor-based cooking and baking, you can at least avoid carrying logs into the house and removing the ashes thereafter.

Modern Masonry Stoves

The heat source is one of the main distinctions between a traditional and modern outdoor kitchen. Many home cooks see their ideal outdoor kitchen as requiring the least amount of cleaning as possible. Dealing with firewood and ash requires quite a bit of work and reduces the luxury feel of the outdoor kitchen. The use of gas stove insets and grill stations is therefore becoming more widely used. These solutions can be included in the stone or brick stove design. Similar to an indoor kitchen stove, these can be turned on or off and you can adjust the heat. The absence of smoke, soot and ash is certainly an advantage. Once these elements have been excluded, you can now incorporate thin brick or other materials like tile, to design your own unique cooking area. In essence you can now combine rustic beauty with modern textures and colors for a beautiful and stylish finish.

Masonry Designs by Amsterdam Enterprises

Your ultimate decision on whether to go with a traditional or modern masonry stove for your outdoor cooking space, really comes down to your lifestyle. Your perfect outdoor kitchen needs to enhance your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy the space to its fullest. If you are thinking about installing an outdoor stove or kitchen area, contact Amsterdam Enterprises today. Browse our portfolio and let Amsterdam Enterprises assist you in finding your ideal outdoor kitchen solution. We will gladly provide you with further information or a quote on a small masonry heater or bespoke masonry stove design.