The Benefits of Masonry Work and Tuckpointing in Arlington Heights

Tuckpointing in Arlington Heights is a common type of brickwork project that replaces damaged mortar joints between the bricks. During the process, decaying mortar is removed and replaced with new mortar that reseals the joints. While the bricks themselves can last for a century, the mortar may require the services of tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights to maintain the integrity of the waterproof seal after 20 to 25 years.

What Causes Mortar to Deteriorate?
Many factors can lead to mortar damage, even painting over a brick façade with oil-based paint. But most damage is the result of poor weather conditions and pollution. Dark spots can form on the brickwork due to sulfur compounds, dust, and other pollutants in the atmosphere, along with a series of other chemically induced reactions.
As the mortar degrades, it can cause more damage to the brickwork with the accumulation of moisture in the walls behind the bricks. This is why repairing any issues found is so important. Tuckpointing in Arlington Heights is not a very complicated technique for experienced and skilled tuckpointing contractors. Anyone who is not experienced with tuckpointing can cause more harm than good, which is why you can count on our tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights to get the job done right.
The benefits you will get from hiring our professional tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights include:

Weather Sealing
One of the primary advantages of tuckpointing is protecting your masonry structure from harsh weather conditions that can lead to moisture penetrating the materials through corrosion. Tuckpointing prevents further degradation and creates a waterproof seal on your external walls. When done properly, tuckpointing in Arlington Heights will prolong the life of your bricks, chimney, and fireplace.

Aesthetic Renewal
Your tuckpointing in Arlington Heights will renew your brickwork, including the mortar, back to its original condition, just like new.

Save Money
Tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights can help you avoid major expenses that come from having to rebuild your structure. You will not have to go through a complete tear-down and rebuild of your structure. Tuckpointing is much more economical than a complete chimney or wall replacement.