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Amsterdam Enterprises has been a happy part of the Arlington Heights community for more than 41 years. We are happy to serve the North Shore, West Suburbs, and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We have a lot of experience, do great work, and are very reliable. Gerard Stencel is the original owner of Amsterdam Enterprises and is still the lead masonry repair Arlington Heights person there. He has been in the business of brickwork and tuckpointing Arlington Heights since 1982. Gerard started out as a brick worker who was still learning. He chose to start his own business because he could do so much better than other tuckpointing companies Arlington Heights. Amsterdam Enterprises began in his small Mount Prospect home’s garage. In 1995, Amsterdam Enterprises opened its official offices. Since then, our business has grown, and great tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights and brick repair experts have joined the team.

Amsterdam Enterprises Provides The Best Masonry & Tuckpointing Arlington Heights Service

When it comes to brickworks Arlington Heights for your home or business, you can trust and rely on the pros at Amsterdam Enterprises. We can repair the bricks on your building and make it look as good as new. We will help you if you need masonry repair or masonry cleaning in Arlington Heights. We have the best tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights who can keep your mortar joints from falling apart.

Tuckpointing Arlington Heights – what is it?

Tuckpointing is a way to fix mortar in your residence’s brickwork. It can make a brick building look better. It is also known as the process of withdrawing and replacing old, broken, or missing mortar between brick, block, stone, and other concrete surfaces. Now, this process makes the body stronger than it was before. It can also keep your dwelling from getting water damage in the future. Another excellent thing about tuck pointing Arlington Heights is that it will make your dwelling look better.

Tuckpointing Contractors Arlington Heights

Over the years, our tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights have given our clients excellent service. We know that the most fundamental thing that affects how long something lasts is how well it was made. We can repair bricks, seal balconies, fix fireplaces and chimneys, and do other work for both dwellings and businesses. When we’re done, our firm will make sure that your brick looks and works the best it can.



Masonry Contractors Arlington Heights

Our brick builders in Arlington Heights are dedicated to doing fabulous work in both residencies and businesses. When it comes to tuckpointing, sealing, and pavement fixes, we do the best job possible. Our main objective is to go above and beyond what our clients expect by working with heart and making each job exclusive. We take on tasks because we know they will help us in the future. Our firm has everything you require to keep your dwelling and business in good shape.

Masonry Repair & Restoration Arlington Heights

Our team of workers knows how to fix, restore, and do a lot more with brickwork. Masonry is prone to breaking and chipping over time, so masonry repair will be needed in the long run. We will make sure to use the best products so that they will last for a long time. Our masonry contractors Arlington Heights have a lot of experience fixing and restoring stonework on both residential and business properties.

Chimney Repair & Restoration Arlington Heights

You can count on our company in Arlington Heights, for chimney repair and rebuilding. Our goal is to give our customers the best service possible. Our masons are proud of how well they do their jobs. In addition to chimney restoration Arlington Heights and repair, we also do chimney flashing. We use high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and excellent workmanship in our work. When it comes to your home, only professionals should be trusted. Get your chimney fixed by a company with a good name and years of experience. Call us now to set up a meeting.

Brickworks & Brick Repair Arlington Heights

When it comes to a brick building, there are a lot of benefits. Durability, regular inspections, and care are all important parts of making sure that your bricks buildings last as long as possible. If you need brickwork done, our masonry contractors Arlington Heights are ready to help. We’ll put your house back the way it was and give you safe, waterproof shields that will last for years.

Why You Should Count On Amsterdam Masonry Restoration & Tuckpointing Arlington Heights

By choosing Amsterdam Enterprises as your brick repair and tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights, you are going with the industry leader, who brings years of experience to your job. Over the years, all of our brick workers in Arlington Heights have gotten better at what they do, so the work we do looks easy.

Our masonry workers can do everything from simple masonry repair Arlington Heights to complicated masonry restorations to hard tuckpointing Arlington Heights. They can give you the best masonry work in the area. Finding the right tuckpointing companies Arlington Heights doesn’t take a long time. If you need brick repair Arlington Heights, you can count on Amsterdam Enterprises.



I've had the opportunity to work with Amsterdam Enterprises for a masonry repair job at my historical property. The team showed an unmatched level of professionalism and craftsmanship. They went above and beyond to ensure the original charm of the property was maintained while ensuring its structural integrity. I can't recommend them enough.
John Smith
We were really impressed with the service provided by Amsterdam Enterprises. They took the time to carefully assess our home's masonry work, explain what repairs were needed, and how they'd carry it out. The result was nothing short of spectacular - the stonework now looks as good as new.
Sarah Timmer
Amsterdam Enterprises is a top-tier masonry repair service. Their team was efficient, reliable, and incredibly skilled. They turned our deteriorating brickwork into a beautiful and sturdy feature again. Thanks to them, our home has never looked better.
Maria Lang