Why can masonry sealing fail?

Two materials are sealed together by having an impermeable barrier between them. Many sealants are available these days for quality masonry adhesion including polyurethane, butyl rubber and silicone. Even modern masonry sealants can fail and cause a need for costly repairs due to cracking, water and brick damage. Most masonry sealants will last approximately 20 years, though both new and old buildings are vulnerable to sealing issues.
Masonry sealant failure is noticeable when cracks occur or the sealant is no longer adhering to its intended surface. When sealant fails, it is time to contact experts in tuckpointing Arlington Heights citizens trust.

Problem 1: The sealant no longer adheres
A common cause of improper adherence is poorly cleaned surfaces prior to application of a sealant. Without a clean and treated surface or joint, sealants are bound to fail days, weeks or possibly months after application.

Problem 2: Cracks or tears form in sealant
A poor design of a joint can cause a tear in the joint itself. Proper design will involve a foam backer rod or a particular thickness to width ratio, combined with proper joint tooling.

Problem 3: A Spot is Missed by the Installer
Human error is a cause of many caulking failures. The smallest breaks in the calk can result in leakage

Problem 4: Sealant is Submerged in Water
If a seal is constantly exposed to water, premature failure is likely. Building specialists or professional contractors can examine structural issues arising from poor drainage. An example would be a porch or window sill sloped at an improper angle making sealing difficult

Problem 5: Sealant material incompatibility
Certain materials are not conducive to particular sealants. At times, a sealant can react poorly to cleaning agents or other present materials. Sealant manufacturers’ directions must be strictly followed.

Since failures are not uncommon, checking seals regularly is important. While sealing seems simple enough, the items above demonstrate that it can be a complex task. Use professional tuckpointing contractors Arlington Heights residents rely on for proper materials, tools and techniques. Unsure about the status of your sealant? Contact us today.