When It’s Time for You to Call Our Professional Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors

Tuckpointing serves to repair damaged mortar that holds bricks in place. It may often be overlooked, but tuckpointing in Arlington Heights is very important to maintaining the structural integrity of brick buildings. When handled by expert tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights, tuckpointing can significantly extend the lifespan of any brick structure while ensuring great curb appeal. Although it’s a very specialized process for masonry repair in Arlington Heights, in some cases, it may be essential to preventing bricks from completely collapsing.

If you see cracks or crumbling in your brickwork, you might require tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights for your home or business. This type of damage is likely to worsen over time. Holes found in the mortar is another sure sign that your masonry work in Arlington Heights needs the attention of tuckpointing contractors.
Bricks are extremely durable, but at times, they do need the help of tuckpointing companies in Arlington Heights. This strong surface can easily withstand just about any climate or challenging event, as tuckpointing may only become necessary once every 25-30 years. Remember, however, that in areas with higher humidity or rainfall, tuckpointing may have to be done more frequently. When in doubt, trust in your local tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights to provide an inspection.
As with most masonry repairs in Arlington Heights, there are times when even tuckpointing cannot help. If damage has lingered too long, it may become very costly and time consuming to repair. This is when you might see large parts of your structure collapsing entirely, with bricks coming loose and falling away. In a case like that, you will likely have to tear down the whole structure and start again, so make sure you remain vigilant with your masonry repair in Arlington Heights and avoid costly rebuilds.