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We have been providing outstanding tuckpointing and masonry services for over four decades. Amsterdam Enterprises proudly serves the Inverness area with great expertise, high-quality workmanship, and exceptional dependability. Our business started in 1982, and since then, we have grown to be one of the best tuckpointing companies Inverness. We have well experienced masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors in providing your masonry restoration services. Our team only works at the highest quality at an affordable price. We only use top-notch materials so that you will only get the best outcome possible. Our professional contractors will ensure that your home and commercial space can withstand any weather conditions. What are you waiting for? Contact Amsterdam Enterprises so that we can provide you with the best tuckpointing and masonry Inverness services!

Tuck Pointing Contractors & Masonry Contractors Inverness
Choose Our Years of Experience in Masonry and Tuckpointing


With our years of experience, we bring the highest level of quality masonry restoration Inverness. We provide customer focus to the community as a testament to the fact that our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors are the top experts when it comes to masonry and tuckpointing services. We provide service for both residential and commercial property. Our company ensures that we provide you with the highest quality materials and the most skilled workmanship. However, we do not stop at simple masonry repairs, and we can handle all types of masonry services. With our tuckpointing services, we make sure that your home and commercial space are in its best shape. Give Amsterdam Enterprises a call so that we can tend to your masonry and tuckpointing Inverness services. We got you covered, and you can rely on our team!

Find your service! – Amsterdam Enterprises Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors Inverness

Amsterdam Enterprises have the experts in masonry work on your side for both residential and commercial projects that can return the original shape of your structure’s brickwork. When it comes to your tuckpointing and masonry Inverness needs, we are the ones that you rely on and trust!

What is Tuckpointing Inverness?

A very critical mortar repair approach to enhance the appearance of brick structures is tuckpointing. This is the procedure of clearing away and replacing damaged, worn out, and missing bricks, stone, blocks, and other masonry facades. Using tuckpointing reinforces structures that are less bulky by blocking the area to avoid water damage and other issues that may appear in the structure. Our tuckpointing experts in Inverness will ensure that you get top-quality service.

Tuckpointing Constructors Inverness

One of the most important aspects of how much something will last is a quality job. Our firm has expert tuckpointing constructors who have years of experience handling small and big tuckpointing projects in the industry. We can offer durable solutions for stonework, doesn’t matter if it’s for commercial or residential properties. Our tuckpointing Inverness constructors will offer high-quality results at a low price.



Masonry Constructors Inverness

Our expert masonry constructors in Inverness are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship whether for commercial or residential projects. We have a high standard in terms of quality for masonry work, such as masonry repair Inverness, and masonry restoration. Our masonry professionals offer expert waterproofing, concrete repair, and general masonry services. We count on a trusted team of expert energetic contractors who deal with challenges as opportunities to improve and grow. Our experts have a solution for every brickwork project that you need.

Masonry Restoration & Repair Inverness

At our firm, we are prepared to deal with all forms of masonry restoration and masonry repair and even beyond. Masonry is well known for being susceptible to chipping and cracking. That being said, masonry repair Inverness may be a must after a given time. Our expertise in masonry restoration Inverness will ensure that new fragments are ideal for the period. We are able to supply both commercial and residential properties where we know the right treatment that will look nice and will last for years to come.

Smokestack Restoration & Repair Inverness

There are occasions when the chimney may start to fall apart, and this is the reason to exist of our chimney repair Inverness company is always ready to help. Our masonry experts are always equipped with the knowledge acquired through the years to offer awesome results to our clients. Apart from performing repairs, our constructors also are professionals when dealing with flashing and restoration. Our trajectory is proof that we always deliver the highest quality of work available to our customers. Our main goal is our client’s satisfaction and to get the work properly done when performing a brickwork for the first time.

Brickwork & Brick Repair Inverness

Of of the main benefits of masonry work Inverness, is that is long-lasting, maintenance, and occasional inspection are necessary to maximize the brickwork job. For whatever brickwork necessities you may have, our masonry experts and tuckpointing contractors are ready to inspect your commercial or residential bricks for any fixes that they may require. We’ll rebuild your brick’s original status to provide a waterproof, safe barrier that is good-looking and will last for many years to come. Reach us today so we can start any project for your house or residential properties.

Our Latest Masonry Restoration Inverness Projects


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When it comes to your tuckpointing Inverness and masonry needs, we make sure to give you the best. At Amsterdam Enterprises, we ensure to select each tuckpointing contractor and masonry contractors  Inverness carefully, so that your building will be done at the highest quality levels of quality and customer satisfaction. We use our own dump trucks, so we do not inconvenience you with large dumpsters during the course of your project and obtain any permits that may be required—no need to worry about anything.

Our tuckpointing Inverness and masonry team can handle any project that you may need, and there’s no job too big nor too small for us. We can do it all! We make it our top priority to achieve customer satisfaction in every project that we do.

Give us a call today! We got your back covered when it comes to your tuckpointing and masonry needs in Inverness.


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Amsterdam Enterprises – Professional Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors Inverness

When you’re looking for professional masonry restoration and tuckpointing in Inverness, our team of masonry contractors is here. We are friendly, honest, and helpful, ensuring that we are with your every step of the way. Amsterdam Enterprises is your local friendly neighborhood company for masonry contractors. You can trust us with all your masonry repair or masonry restoration, and it will be done with a smile.


Why you should choose Amsterdam Masonry Restoration & Tuckpointing Inverness as your Contractors!

Looking for the best masonry restoration and tuckpointing contractors Inverness ends your search with Amsterdam Enterprises. Our masonry contractors have years of experience to back up their expertise. They make tuckpointing Inverness look easy, working seamlessly to leave your bricks looking fresh and brand new.

Our expert masonry contractors in Inverness can provide anything you need from a simple masonry repair to intricate masonry restoration. We can also perform complex tuckpointing to perfect your brick wall. With Amsterdam Enterprises, you can be sure your home or business is in great hands with the best brickwork quality you deserve.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Masonry & Tuckpointing Inverness Experts

When you have questions and concerns regarding your project, we are here to answer them! Our years of experience gave us the proper knowledge and skills to provide customer satisfaction with our tuckpointing and masonry work Inverness.

What is tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the initial step when doing masonry work. This is the process of removing and replacing badly damaged mortar and brick that is present in the area. Our tuckpointing contractors Inverness uses the latest tools and the highest quality of materials to ensure that your masonry will be restored to its original condition.

How long should the Tuckpointing Inverness last?

Once everything is done accurately by taking out any leaks or settling problems in the area, tuckpointing should last years, if not decades.

I need a new chimney, can you help?

Our masonry company is proud to offer chimney restoration and masonry repairs Inverness. We will thoroughly assess the damage and overall scope of the project. Once that’s done, we will get started to get the chimney to look that your home deserves.

Are you licensed?

We are most definitely are! Our masonry and tuckpointing Inverness team are proud to be licensed, insured, and bonded so that the homeowners would not be worried. We have a track record for success and always work to ensure we exceed our customer’s satisfaction.

The Difference Between Tuckpointing and Repointing – Contact one of the Best Tuckpointing & Masonry Companies Inverness!

There is a lot of difference when it comes to tuckpointing and repointing. However, the process often gets interchangeable. They may both involve adding new mortar to your masonry structure, and there are notable differences. Our masonry and tuckpointing company Inverness will explain the difference between the two.

The basics of Tuckpointing

The filling in of mortar joints with mortar is the process of tuckpointing in Inverness. It differs from repointing because it is not always done for damage control. Tuckpointing can be a purely aesthetic procedure, which uses two different colors to fill the mortar joints of your masonry structures. Now, this method is popular back in the eighteenth century, when it was first invented, but is not often used in the modern-day and age. When using the two different colors, the mortar joints appear thin and delicate, rather than thick and noticeable.

What is repointing?

Repointing, on the other hand, involves the process of masonry repair of the structure. In repointing, damaged, cracked, or crumbling mortar joints are dug out and refilled with new mortar. This process is very important when it comes to your masonry restoration in Inverness, as the structural integrity of any masonry relies on the mortar. Repointing as structure as soon as potential problems are spotted can help prevent any more damages that may come along the way.So, if you’re in doubt, contact our tuckpointing contractors and masonry contractors in Barrington. We got your back!


Masonry & Tuckpointing Restoration 101
Professional Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors Inverness

Tuckpointing, also known as masonry restoration, refers to any work performed and of varying magnitude concerning masonry or any other established structure that is residential or commercial. This aspect also includes repointing, which is important in masonry work. However, since there are other processes involved, we will be explaining more in depth about masonry restoration.
Masonry restoration is the process of fixing any masonry structure in order to return it to a solid state, which involves repointing, which consists of removing and replacing the mortars in the joints. This procedure is only performed once for the entire life of the infrastructure, although it is not necessary if it is applied properly.
Over the past 41 years, our company has provided excellent masonry restoration, masonry repair, chimney restoration, chimney flashing, and chimney repair work. If you want a high quality service, contact us!

Everything You Should Know About Brick Work
Contact Our Tuckpointing Inverness & Masonry Experts!

Can I Perform Tuckpointing By Myself?

Tuckpointing Inverness can be extreme work when you are clueless about masonry work. For this kind of job, you should contact your trusted tuckpointing contractors in the Inverness area. They can do an excellent job on your property, no matter what type of masonry work you need to get done. Hiring seasoned contractors will supply you with the expertise and craftsmanship you would not find in inexperienced tuckpointing companies Inverness.

What Causes Mortar Joints To Fail?

Mortar joints may fail due to exposure to strong temperature, sloppy work done, or pressure from heavy weight. At this point, your structure is at risk of damage. Beyond 25 to 30 years, masonry repair or replacement should be done, whichever is necessary. Our professional masonry contractors in Inverness can restore the beautiful state of your brick work whether you need our service on your chimney, exterior wall, or fireplace. Reach out to us anytime!

Why Is Brick Maintenance Essential?

Over the years, joint mortars wither. This can lead to a weakened structure. Masonry is important to upkeep your brick wall, fireplace, or chimney and avoid a costly replacement in the future. Our tuckpointing Inverness experts can take care of the masonry restoration for you. No matter the size of your property, let our contractors do the job for you worry free. Get in touch with us today!

Signs your bricks are starting to deteriorate and the importance of taking action!
Amsterdam Enterprises Masonry & Tuckpointing Experts Inverness

To maintain the efficiency of your property, it is important that you receive their respective maintenance in due time. Here at Amsterdam Enterprises that is our top priority. It is also our priority to carry out regular maintenance and frequent inspections to detect any damage that your blocks present, since they deteriorate over time, regardless of whether they are extremely durable. Failure to do so could result in collapse.
You can call us as soon as possible if you detect the following signs or conditions in your brick structures:

Brick Exposure

When exposed to extreme temperatures – regardless of whether they are hot or cold – they cause the bricks to deteriorate at a faster rate. The same can also be said with direct exposure to water or frost, as it causes the structure to undergo detrimental changes.

Crumbling bricks

This phenomenon occurs as a result of the constant contact of the bricks with the ground or splashes of water, which cause them to lose their waterproofing values ​​and become crumbly.


It is a white ink made up of salt deposits left behind when the water goes through the evaporation stage. It can cause potential moisture problems to the point of causing structural damage.

Missing Mortar joints

Regular inspections will help find any missing mortar or cracks in the mortar, which can be easily fixed by our experts.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, as Amsterdam Enterprises has the best specialists in brickwork, repair and restoration of masonry. If you want more information about our portfolio of services, you can contact our customer service department by phone or online. We will gladly attend to any problem you may have!

What our Customers say about Amsterdam Masonry Restoration & Tuckpointing Inverness

We bought a 20-year-old home, and we noticed a lot of cracks in the brickworks, which is why we decided to contact your tuckpointing contractors in Inverness. The outcome was amazing, and our brickwork looks good as new! Thank you, guys!

John Charley


John Charley

We bought a 20-year-old home, and we noticed a lot of cracks in the brickworks, which is why we decided to contact your tuckpointing contractors in Inverness. The outcome was amazing, and our brickwork looks good as new! Thank you, guys!
The chimney repair that your team has provided in Inverness was smooth and very affordable. The masonry contractors were very professional and friendly, and I'm very happy with the way my chimney turned out. It looks good as new!

Glenn Delavega


Glenn Delavega

The chimney repair that your team has provided in Inverness was smooth and very affordable. The masonry contractors were very professional and friendly, and I'm very happy with the way my chimney turned out. It looks good as new!
The chimney restoration and tuckpointing work that your team have done to my home are way beyond my expectations. Your tuckpointing contractors in Inverness were great from start to finish. I could not ask for a better service! You guys are fantastic!

Mary Halsey


Mary Halsey

The chimney restoration and tuckpointing work that your team have done to my home are way beyond my expectations. Your tuckpointing contractors in Inverness were great from start to finish. I could not ask for a better service! You guys are fantastic!