How Can Tuckpointing Save Your Fireplace?

Fireplaces and chimneys provide a cozy warmth for your home from both a heating perspective as well as an ambiance perspective.  Nothing beats the snugly warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter evening.  However, if your fireplace is old and crumbling and you have stopped using it in order to prevent further damage, you are sacrificing your happiness unnecessarily.  There is a very good chance that tuckpointing can get your home back in shape through fireplace repair which is much more affordable than replacement.

What Exactly Is Tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing is a process that repairs crumbling mortar through the removal of old, deteriorated mortar, and the application of new, fresh mortar.  A grinder is used to remove the old mortar and the fresh mortar that replaces it is generally the color of the brick itself.  Grooves are then cut into the new mortar and those grooves are filled with matching mortar.  Tuckpointing may be used in a tiny area or even applied to your whole fireplace or in chimney repair.  Not only does it dispose of degrading mortar before the structure of the chimney is affected, it also leaves the area renewed and attractive.

How Can Tuckpointing Save Your Chimney?
Although bricks themselves can least over a century, mortar does not last nearly as long.  Throughout the years, mortar slowly deteriorates from the effects of sun, rain, and wind which can cause mortar to crumble, at times even leaving your chimney leaning or even collapsed.  These elements can also cause cracks that water can then leak through and cause damage to your home’s interior as well as mold, mildew, and wood rot.  Nevertheless, as long as your chimney remains in decent condition, tuckpointing may be applied to replace the mortar, stopping the deterioration in its tracks and restoring the structural stability.  Once tuckpointing is completed on your fireplace or chimney, you will be able to enjoy the warmth and coziness as well as the satisfaction of the increase in your home’s value.
Tuckpointing is considerably less expensive than a full chimney replacement and after your chimney restoration, you will lose less heat and save more money!

What To Be Aware Of
It may be difficult to know the extent to which your chimney requires repair as much of the issues cannot be seen and the visible parts are up high on your roof.  The visible areas may look fine.  If you encounter a stain on the wallpaper or paint around your chimney, your chimney is likely leaking and moisture is probably seeping in through damaged sections.  There is probably some type of leak within your chimney if you notice spots where bricks are cracked, mortar is crumbling, brick discoloration, or musty odors that linger after rainy days.  It is best to act quickly in these cases as any delay could mean more money in repair costs to your chimney, fireplace, and even other areas of your home.
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