5 Reasons Your House May Need Tuckpointing

Although it is an activity that is not done as frequently, tuckpointing is extremely important for a commercial or residential infrastructure. The task consists of restoring the mortar joints of the bricks through a technique called “two-toned mortar”, in order that the structure lasts longer to the point of increasing the value of the property. Therefore, Amsterdam Enterprises will give you 5 reasons why you should tuck pointing to your space.

1. The Mortar is Failing
Due to the fact that the mortar joints between the bricks hold the infrastructure in place, it is imperative that you call the tuckpointing contractors in your area in case you discover that the mortar is failing. If this problem is not intervened as soon as possible, what will happen is that the structure will weaken to the point where the repair will be more expensive or be unfeasible in extreme cases.

2. Your House Hasn’t Been Tuckpointed in a Decade (Or More!)
Regardless of whether the mortar joints and bricks in the walls and structures of your home or business look good, they must always go through an inspection and tuckpointing period every 10-15 years. Remember, preventive maintenance can save you from many unnecessary headaches in the long run!

3. Bricks Are Beginning to Crack
If you notice that the walls or structures of your home or business are showing cracks or spalling in your bricks, contact the masonry contractors in your area (in this case, Arlington Heights) as soon as possible, because you probably have a water leak that is damaging your masonry. While it is extremely difficult to tell at first glance that the mortar joints between the bricks are deteriorating, it is noticeable when the bricks begin to disintegrate. A good mortar joint can prevent this by not letting as much water enter the wall.

4. You’ve Found a Puddle in Your Basement
Although you can easily find evidence of moisture deterioration on the exterior walls of your home, that does not mean that damage is limited to that specific area, as there could be more damage in areas that are not easy to detect with the naked eye and water may be seeping into your basement from outside. If this is the case, it is necessary that you request masonry work immediately.

5. Increasing the Value of Your Home
Another important reason why you should tuckpointing your residential infrastructure is that by performing the respective preventive maintenance on it, you will inadvertently increase the property value of the property, which can be advantageous for you if you sell it.

In conclusion, tuckpointing is a key part of the maintenance process of a commercial or residential structure that has bricks. If you are looking for a company in Arlington Heights to do a high quality masonry restoration, do not hesitate to contact us through the official channels. Of all the tuckpointing companies Arlington Height has, Amsterdam Enterprises is your most secure bet!